Paulin Rogues Visualizes Digital Contortions Of The Human Body


Visual artist, Paulin Rogues (@elpoposangre), digitally creates the most beautifully convoluted expressions of the human form.

Working as an art director, Rogues elucidates some fetchingly whimsical spectacles that tickle the curiosities of viewers. Residing in France, the artist incorporates his native language into his animations through rendered films. There is a spirit of frolic and cerebral ecstasy that streams through each visual and it is invigorating on so many levels. He designs a slew of fantastical characters that blossom in the many colors they bear. Rogues is a forward-thinking kind of artist who finds novel ways to express his artistic essence for all to become hopelessly enamored with. What is so impressive about Rogues’ body of work are the degrees of depths that exist within his style’s range.


He explores his context of creativity and delves into the infinite nuances of his aesthetic. The expressions he comes up with are undeniably astounding, he can take the human form and visualize them in such innovative ways that seek to unearth a different part of his unique vision. At its core, Rogues enables his art to challenge the norm and stir some deeper thought amongst viewers. The scenes he builds are irresistibly weighty in narrative, symbolism, and the universal experiment of living in flesh. Paulin Rogues is a compelling artist who tears at the veil of conventionality and crafts totally engaging visuals and films that carry their own captivating voice.

Paulin Rogues Visual Atelier 8 art - 3.jpg


Images with courtesy of Paulin Rogues

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