Safa Şahi̇n’s TWO/007 – The Streetwear Of Dystopian Future


This sneakers collection, named TWO / 077, is a 6-piece collection I designed by imagining street icons wandering between cities built with advanced science and technology in a dystopian future. 

It actually refers entirely to the cyberpunk world. Cyberpunk is not only a literature tour but also a lifestyle, a philosophy of life, a fashion trend and it has its own basic elements. In the cyberpunk world, nobody likes cool brands, ultra technology is the most prominent feature of that period and everyone knows about technology. The main starting point of this collection TWO / 077 is to bring together the indispensable elements of the sneaker culture in city life (cushioning, to be fast, comfort, easy wear, flexibility, etc.) together with technological development, adding speed to the daily life of the people of 2077 and making daily life easier.







Images with courtesy of Safa Şahi̇n

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