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Simon Roulet’s 3D Nymphs Emerge From Future Scenes

Simon Roulet Visual Atelier 8 art 4.jpg

French CGI artist, Simon Roulet, animates a thriving and sleek cascade of 3D visuals, heavily influenced by an array of tantalizing textures and emboldened by a knack for eccentric coloring.

Roulet creates images that are alive with intrigue with so much for the viewer to take in, detail to detail. The 3D visuals seem to be a reverberation of his artistic essence, which makes Roulet stand out from other artists. He illustrates a certain kind of beauty that manifests in a visually tactile way. The bodies and forms can be composed of a wide array of different feelings, consistencies, and tints. It is expressive on so many levels, each image impressing a profound satisfaction and curiosity upon the viewer. Roulet often features a nymph-like embodiment in his scenes and he conceptualizes them in mythical ways, allowing them to reach every corner of their individual aura.

Simon Roulet Visual Atelier 8 art 65.jpg

Their faces allude to a civilization beyond what we can comprehend, but it plays on the emotions of delicacy and there is a subtleness that feels weighty. The chrome effect that Roulet incorporates into his work gives it that particularly fine appearance, contrasting against other surfaces and their characteristic grains. It is a meticulously delicious experience to behold his aesthetic and ponder on what some of the scenes may mean or what is trying to be said. Simon Roulet’s digital work is truly remarkable in its design, immensely innovative in the way he molds his fantastic ideas into digital imagery.

Simon Roulet Visual Atelier 8 art 543.jpg

Simon Roulet Visual Atelier 8 art 1.jpg


Images with courtesy of Simon Roulet


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