A Dystopian Fable In The Form Of A 3D-Animated Short Film By Eddy Loukil

The Symbol

Distance is a poetic fable revolving around themes of social alienation and discord. It serves as a metaphor of the emotional vacuousness that results from the rupture of communication between people.


The Synopsis

We will follow the Peacock, the king of the Oxidized Realm whose neurosis led to the collapse of his regal routine and the destruction of the kingdom’s engineered balance. As he journeys along with the Watcher in a quest to repair the damages done to the Engine Tree, they will go through a world governed by enmity and encounter torn apart individuals.


If we want to push the universe to its full potential, to tell its complete story and give it the tangibility it deserves, it needs to be turned into something more than a prototype. It needs to be made into a production quality, fully animated piece.

Working with screenwriters, I have developed an exhaustive screenplay for a 25 minutes short film, divided into five acts. Each act would last 5 to 7 minutes and have its own sub-theme, from exploitation and class struggle to obsessive behavior and narcissism.

The Oxidized Realm and its inhabitants are connected together by a gigantic machine called the Engine Tree. The dance of the royal couple generates the necessary energy to power the engine and is the primordial influence over the world. Thanks to the rulers’ antagonistic effort can the balance of the world sustain.

The hybrid architectural style of Distance mixes Art Deco with Brutalism and Art Nouveau. The three styles being variably dosed and adapted depending on the context.



How can we expect the universe to develop throughout the film ?

We will see cities, deserts made of concrete and antique remote places. Different temporalities of the world will be studied throughout the film. Giving a subtle hint at the origins of its universe, reinforcing its cohesion and depth. The world will present erratic physics and fall in surrealism at times.

The Peacock is the king of the Oxidized Realm and the first of the two opposite forces that drive the momentum of the world. He has been stranded to his throne in the city’s Hearth since forever and seems to have accommodated to it. In order to preserve the balance of the Realm, he diligently reproduces the same performance and compels his Queen to do the same.

The Sphynx is the queen of the Oxidized Realm and the second of the two opposite forces that drive the momentum of the world. She is being woken up from her stasis everyday so that she can reproduce the same dispassionate dance. Jaded from the blandness of the routine, she will take her own fate into her hands.


The Watcher is the engineer in charge of the maintenance of the Engine Tree. He is to supervise the royal couple’s performance and make sure that the machine is stable throughout the process. On the little spare time he has, he loves to craft small mechanical birds.


Can we expect to see more characters throughout the film  ?

Absolutely, imagining the inhabitants of Distance is captivating for me and I have many ideas for other weirdos living in the Oxidized Realm. Every creature will be a unique allegory and have a specific role in the universe.

Our newly founded studio Vert de Gris will be in charge of 3D production.

Our team is lean and composed of proactive, experienced individuals that have worked in the VFX and gaming industry for years. We want to remain small, in order to keep full control of the creative side and optimize production costs.

The Vert de Gris team:

  • Director / Art Director / 3D Artist: Eddy Loukil

  • 3D Artists : Felix Marquis-Poulin, Jesse Henao, Maxime Moreira

  • Technical Artist: Frederic Wedeux

  • Choreographer: Ariane Servagent

  • Animator: Ghayth Chegaar

  • FX Technical Director: Han Han Xue

  • Render Wrangler / Compositing Artist: William Tayssier

  • Motion Designer: Raphael Dahan

The audio will be done by 3.6 Studio:

  • Music Composers: Yoann Denesle, Simon Chenaux

  • Sound Designers: Antoine Seychal, Pierre Daubry, Vincent Arcai

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