ORCA Design Anchors Architecture’s Structure Into The Land

The CLIFF HOUSE 3310, a minimalist housing concept that flies over the rocky mountains located in Rural Australia. 

Made up of pure elements, which from subtractions generate voids, leaving a central nucleus where the life of the project unfolds. These elements are integrated into the landscape by contrast. The house anchors its structure in the rock, a solid base that allows the operation of the overhangs, transforms the interior spaces, converging the natural reddish surface with the white masonry, turning the architectural piece into an extension of the cliff. 

Clean, minimalist architecture that uses strategies to combat the arid heat of the desert without losing integration with the outside world. Maintaining permeability and transparency in all its spaces. 

The glass partitions that divide the interior of the semi-open patios, have the possibility of adapting to the needs and time. Allowing environments to grow and integrate. The social block connects with the intimate block through panoramic stairs that are born from the rock.  The incredible location is used as a visual finish of the social block, as well as the intimate block, managing to include the landscape in a huge artistically alive painting. 


Location: Australia

Design: ORCA

Design Team Year: 2021

Area: 364 m2

Visuals with courtesy of ORCA Design


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