Contemporary Art In Fashion Industry By Annabel Faustin

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Harmony, Artistellar’s brand new solo exhibition, hosts Annabel Faustin’s artworks.

The artist, thoughtfully exploits in her last series the complex dynamics of the fashion industry, elucidating the ups and downs of the current system. To do so, Faustin engages the viewers mainly through the use of bright and catching nuances, unlikely to go unnoticed. During our recent interview, Annabel defined her technique as contemplative, optimistic, and kindly. For as much as it is weird to define a visual practice kind, we see the tenderness of Faustin’s personality in the delicacy she applied to convey such a complex and intricated theme, shedding lights on multiple negative aspects of one of the world’s biggest and leading industries.

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“I have always used bright tones in my painting practice because I have always chosen to represent a positive and optimistic vision of contemporary subjects. I noticed that the majority of pictures and facts we see and read every day in media, show us terrible and stressful subjects without telling us about positive ones. So, I firstly painted soft and dreamy pictures for me, as a kind of art therapy. Then I noticed that people enjoyed them too for the reason they represented positive pictures.”

And again, she goes on to assert that when it comes to fashion, in particular, more and more people are less aware that something has to change quickly as well as we should slowly adjust our related consumption habits. With her overtly dreamy attitude, she loves to think that her recent paintings series will be a key to unlock new awareness and sensibility towards the global fashion system.

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Images with courtesy of Annabel Faustin

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