Lifelike And Magical Works Of Art By Elnaz Mansouri

Elnaz Mansouri Visual Atelier 8 art 2.jpg

Elnaz Mansouri’s work soars within reimagination of environments and landscapes, finding its place within the art world that is inspired by magical realism.

Mansouri’s work explores a variety of different images with a dreamlike look, such as interior spaces and nature. Mansouri immigrated to Canada in 2003, after being born in Tehran, Iran. In her younger life, she struggled to find a “sense of place”, and started to look for a way to connect with her surroundings. This would ultimately lead her to a passion for photography and visual art. When looking at her work it is clear that you are able to see where the line between reality and fantasy is blurred in her seamless creations. Elnaz Mansouri’s work tells a story with dreamy undertones, allowing the person that views her work to step away into fantasy land.

Elnaz Mansouri Visual Atelier 8 art 3.jpg

Mansouri’s use of warm coloring brings a calmness to the piece, and her use of clouds she mentions helps her convey the sense of longing that she experiences. Through her original medium of art is photography, Mansouri started to experiment with other ways to create her visual narrative. She takes her pieces from reality with a magical element that she describes as a dream state. Most recently her work involves 3D renderings of environments and interior spaces to where she asks the questions “Is reality limited to our five senses? What is the difference between a memory that is lived and the one that is only imagined?” These are the questions that she integrates into her visual work, opening the door to the mind-blowing creations that transport viewers to an idyllic place.

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Images with courtesy of Elnaz Mansouri

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