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“The Moon’s Not That Great” By Mathieu Libman

Mathieu Libman is a visual development and color artist living in Los Angeles.

His short animated movie “The Moon’s Not That Great” speaks about an astronaut who returns from her lunar mission to find that the public lost all interest in the moon. The stories of the astronaut, a film director, and a bear intersect.


Mathieu Libman Visual-Atelier-8 The Moon’s Not That Great 2.jpg

Mathieu Libman Visual-Atelier-8 The Moon’s Not That Great 5.jpg


Mathieu Libman Visual-Atelier-8 The Moon’s Not That Great 4.jpg


Winner – New York Cinematography Awards
Winner – Hollywood Blvd Film Festival 
Winner – Canadian Cinematography Awards

Paul Michael Cardon
Executive Producers: 
Nexus Studios, Chris O’Reilly, Charlotte Bavasso
Development Producer: 
Julio Bonet

Gabby Capili, Jake Sheppard, Claire Epting, Kristin Wetenkamp, Noah Malone, Caleb Fietsam, Sam Lane, Emiliano Aguirre-Medina, Asher Adel, Dylan Kanner
Sound and Mix:
Paul Michael Cardon
Dialogue Recording Engineers:
Dylan Kanner, Sarah Ibrahim, Sonya Fayzieva, Asher Adel, Angel Teng
Mikey Oz
Add. Animation:
Laura White, Sam Horowitz, Kuan Dang, Bryan Lee
Amanda Chin
Music Orchestrated and Conducted by Jason Poss
Music Preparation by Danita Ng-Poss
Alto Flute: Johanna Borenstein
Oboe: Lara Wickes
Clarinet: Gary Bovyer
Bass Clarinet: Sal Lozano
Bassoon: Bill Wood
Trumpet: Rob Schaer
Violin: Elizabeth Hedman, Julie Rogers
Viola: Alma Fernandez
Cello: Tina Soule
Recording Engineer: Evan Bradford
Written and Directed by Mathieu Libman

Images with courtesy of Mathieu Libman


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