Q04L63 House Descriptive Memorial By MF+Arquitetos

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The design of the Q04L63 House begins with the proposal of a summer house.

The Family, which includes the couple and three children of different ages, attends the residence during the weekends for their leisure time, in addition to receiving friends and family as guests. The concept was to use 50% of the total area for social interaction divided between spaces such as: gourmet, dining room, living, swimming pool, and steam room. The rest was intended for the intimate rooms of all members. This intimate area is located at the front of the house and is separated by a hall at the center, giving access to all rooms and the house background. The materials selected for the coverings were all-natural, resulting in a more welcoming, modern, and timeless space. Among them, stones such as the sandy travertine marble from Egypt that covers the entire floor and walls as in the main hall, black slate, which was used in bathrooms and countertops, and rustic granite on the side walls.

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In the background, concrete slabs and Hijau stones make up the pool area. In addition to the use of wood, which contemplates nature in all spaces. The furniture by differents designers such as Brazilians Jader Almeida, Paulo Alves, and the Austrian Martin Eisler was also carefully chosen, giving priority to products such as wood, leather, fabrics, and natural fibers, which follow the same pattern of colors and elements of all rooms. To increase interaction with the outside, a region on the riverside rich in natural beauty, vegetations were inserted in different points of the house. All these compositions, combined with a simple and functional volumetry, provide an experience of great comfort, welcome, and practicality for everyone who visits the house

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Local: Rifaina SP Area: 282 m2

Conclusion year: 2020

Landscaping: Daniel Lima

Constructor: Carlinhos

Engineering: Cenafer

Photography by Felipe Araújo with courtesy of mf+arquitetos


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