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Iridescent Illustrations Of The Future Come To Life With Christian Orrillo Tejada


Christian Orrillo Tejada is an artist that does not place himself in one concise category of the preferred medium, however consistently works on developing his work whether that be through digital or traditional painting.

Tejada’s work is calming with futuristic and extraterrestrial undertones, coupled with the pastel coloring that he uses as well as the petite and delicate features that he gives to his muses. Tejada shares that when he is creating his work he finds that he is attracted to luminous effects that we as humans perceive daily, more specifically iridescence and bioluminescence. There truly is a natural glow that flows through his artwork, achieving this through the slivers and splashes of neon coloring that he adds to the piece.

Christian Orrillo Tejada Visual Atelier 8 art 4324.jpg

This addition of neon adds to the detailing of the art that achieves the iridescent look, while still maintaining a calming tone to the piece. The iridescence of Tejada’s work brings with it a sense of joy and happiness when looking at his work as a whole. Within all of the glowing rainbow-like visuals, there is a dreamy sense of hope that wraps the viewer into the piece. Tejada’s muses have primarily feminine and strong features that are open to interpretation, as he has mentioned that he wants viewers of his art to interpret it freely, leaving it open for people to enjoy it and oftentimes get more out of it than he could have ever imagined. Tejada mentions that he enjoys walking with his audience on the common journey of self-exploration. 

Christian Orrillo Tejada Visual Atelier 8 art 554.jpg



Images with courtesy of Christian Orrillo Tejada


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