The Sophisticated Abstraction of Emma Larsson’s Watercolor Paintings

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The intricate watercolor paintings of Emma Larsson resemble mounted microscope slides of cross-sectioned, captivating specimens.

Her use of watercolor is quite the sight to behold as she expertly fuses colors together that seamlessly bleed into a delectable kind of complexion. The tints of color come together and meld into an organic melange that ebbs to the flow of the water utilized. Larsson demonstrates a supreme mastery of watercolor to bend at her will in this way, creating combinations that are simply sublime to the eye. What is interesting to observe is the use of symmetry. Larsson’s paintings incorporate this design element in most of her works but one can see there is a deliberate imperfection when mirroring the two sides of the painting.

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In a way, this parallels the way in which many life forms including humans present mostly symmetrical but with nuances that do not impart pure perfection in the uniformity, but symmetrical nonetheless. Larsson paints protrusions, freckling dots, translucent nuclei, decisive stripes, and a general fanning out or crescendo. Her artistic expression is abstract, dripping in a magnificent blend of chromatic hues and mixing it with inks. Drawing inspiration from nature, one can notice some familiar forms such as flowers and birds. Larsson leads her style by feel, paying attention to the way the colors dance across the paper. The painter forms shapes and stunning effects within the piece that it is such a prize to experience. Emma Larsson is a painter who reaches beyond herself to paint some exquisitely inspiring works that carve out new concepts the world has not seen before.

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Images with courtesy of Emma Larsson

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