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Utilized Digital Fabrications By Toomas Toomepuu

Visual Atelier 8 Toomas Toomepuu 3.jpg

My work explores failed promises of technology through the creation of furniture by utilizing digital fabrication, found objects, and unconventional materials. – Toomas Toomepuu

Technology does not always indicate progress, and I am interested in the various ways that technology has succeeded and failed in improving our domestic lives. Digital fabrication, material reuse, sustainability, and multi-functionality are all themes that I combine, remix, and take to their extreme to create objects that reflect on contemporary society. I use various materials, found objects, and technologies to negate their history, instead of forging ahead with a new narrative, mitigating their past traumas. The work reflects on the cultural conflicts by embodying opposites like absurdity and functionality, scarcity and overabundance, luxury and poverty, digital and analog.

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Photography with courtesy of Toomas Toomepuu


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