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Avant-Garde Oeuvre Inspired By Scientific Past Of Jasmine Pradissitto

Jasmine Pradissitto Visual Atelier 8 art 00.jpg

Pushed onward by her acknowledgment that science has failed in communicating some of the most pressing of the global issues we now face, Jasmine Pradissitto’s art is stepping into place.

British artist Jasmine strongly believes in the unparalleled power of nature. She sees every person as the sum of all the experiences lived, situations faced, and people met. Her avant-garde oeuvre is highly influenced by her scientific past joint with her artistic vocation and a newly acquired role as an “activist”. Jasmine’s art aims to grow sensibility and raise awareness among people through narrative. This pandemic, ‘The great pause’ accelerated our realization that although nature can live without us, we cannot survive without her. Yet, when it comes to the environment, perhaps it is only when it affects us personally, that we are compelled to act. Jasmine’s sculptures, inspired by her son’s asthma attack, are made from materials that absorb some of the air pollution responsible for almost 1 in 5 deaths worldwide.

Jasmine Pradissitto Visual Atelier 8 art 2.jpg

Her work is driven by her statement “As a scientist my hypotheses were built on the natural laws and discoveries which preceded. As an educator, I quickly learned the power of simplification to communicate the most difficult of ideas. Such ‘first’ principles I believe are inspired by the most basic of our needs and beliefs. We can only live three minutes without air, three days without water; and despite our progress, we are fundamentally flesh and bone which needs to be sustained. Nature will survive without us, but we have forgotten that we cannot survive without her.”

Jasmine Pradissitto Visual Atelier 8 art 3.jpg

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Images with courtesy of Jasmine Pradissitto


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