MEDUSA The Fallen Goddess Created By Frederic Colin

MEDUSA The Fallen Goddess is a personal project; Frederic Colin decided to make this short film like a main Title.

MEDUSA is famous but her story is unknown or often telling her has a monster. She is more a victim than a monster. Raped by Poseidon and damned by Athena, she has to live on her own in this lost place. A secret place is known from her sisters the Gorgons. Even today MEDUSA is a reference for Victims. From mythology to reality, MEDUSA is a symbol.

Frederic Colin-Visual Atelier 8-MEDUSA 3.jpg

Frederic Colin-Visual Atelier 8-MEDUSA 4.jpg


Creative Director: Frederic Colin
Designers : Florent Bizec, Fabien Gibert, Frederic Colin
Additional Designers: Sam’s design
FX: Sam’s Design, Frederic Colin
Edit: Frederic Colin
Compositing: Florent Bizec, Frederic Colin, Fabien Gibert, Sam’s Design
Colorist : Anne Szymkowiak
Flame: Sylvian Fabre
Music + Sound Design: ECHOLAB
Composers: Steve Lynch, Gavin Little
Sound Design & Final Mix: Gavin Little
Thank you to Bandits Production, Denis Brunier, Anne Szymkowiak, Sylvian Fabre and also EchoLab

Images with courtesy of Frederic Colin

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