Time’s Down Modeled and Textured By Jonathan Bacheter

Time’s Down was directed by Nils Lemonnier, François Brugalières, Yan Weitlauff and Valentin Soulard. Jonathan Bacheter modeled and textured for the film Time’s Down.

A thief with the ability to slow down time is being chased by the Time Police. He tries to make it out on the rooftops of a gigantic futuristic city.


Directed by Valentin Soulard, François Brugalières, Nils Lemonnier, Yan Weitlauff, Jonathan Bacheter.

Cast: Anthony Denis – Peter with the voice of Josef Bette – Soldier, Claire Dodin – Lya, Hudsen Schuchart – Peter.

Music by Carpenter Brut, Sound Department: Thibault Casano – sound designer, Ruben Leonidas – sound designer, Pierre-Yves Marrec – sound designer, Aurélien Marini sound mixer.

Costumes created by Tom Fargnier, Ending Credit, Lucas Plata

Modeled and Textured By Jonathan Bacheter

Images with courtesy of Jonathan Bacheter


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