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“Back To Yourself” Created By KORB

Since Makmak does not manufacture any products by itself but rather works as a wellness provider and reseller, KORB had to find an object that reflects both the brand and the customer.

KORB chose the Buddha as it seemed to have a nice balance between spirituality and aesthetics. Then, of course, they wanted to give it a contemporary and realistic feel, so they placed it into a gallery environment that represents the modern world.

Starting with the slogan ‘Back to Yourself’, KORB used various reverse actions of the Buddha statue collapsing back into itself to represent the ‘Back’ and the Buddha to represent ‘Your Self’. Then they edited the best takes into multiple storylines to create a metaphor.

KORB-Visual Atelier 8-Back To Yourself 5.jpg

Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.

KORB-Visual Atelier 8-Back To Yourself 8.jpeg


Client: Makmak
Creative Director: Korb
Director: Korb
Production + Postproduction Company: Korb
Sound Design: Echolab

Images with courtesy of KORB


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