Away From Civilization In The Root House With Veliz Architect

The Root House is conceptualized by Veliz Architect.

The Root House is mainly destined for places away from civilization and hostile environments, in order to adapt to these environments and promote the growth of vegetation through scientific techniques that promote rapid growth of plants around the house functioning as a fertile machine sown, the house of the future must be designed with constructive technologies of the future, such as;  structures that cover pronounced lights to have less contact with the ground, these constructions are designed for the future with access by aerial vehicles, also a double skin that embraces the entire building with solar panels that cover the energy needs of the home and thus be able to be totally sustainable, as well as the use of the roofs to capture each drop of rain in due course and use them according to the vegetation.


Name of the project: “Root” House

Architecture studio: Veliz architect

Project location: Cuba

Constructed area: 333m2

Site area: 585 m2

Visualization: Veliz architect

Tools used: software used for drawing, modeling, rendering, post-production, and photography.  SketchUp, Lumion, Photoshop

Main architect: Veliz architect

Design team: Veliz architect

Collaborators: Veliz architect

Year of design: 2021

Status: conceptual idea

Typology: House

Visuals with courtesy of Veliz architect



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