Charing and Relaxing At SPACE IN PAUSE With Veliz Architecto

Veliz Architecto created a future architecture “SPACE IN PAUSE” for Service Station.

Can you imagine a Tesla charging station in the middle of the sea?  When we can travel by air vehicles, everything will be at our fingertips, the most distant places will be closer and closer, so I imagine a future Architecture with rest spaces between intermediate points and that work to supply the vehicles with any energy to continue the journey where people can eat and enjoy the landscape in order to take time to relax. This concept is based on future analysis.


Name of the project: Service Station, “SPACE IN PAUSE”

Architecture studio: Veliz Architecto

Project location: Dubái, City in the United Arab Emirates

Constructed area: 1333m2

Site area: 5480 m2

Visualization: Veliz Architecto

Tools used: software used for drawing, modeling, rendering, post-production, and photography.  SketchUp, Lumion, Photoshop

Main architect: Veliz Architecto

Design team: Veliz Architecto

Collaborators: Veliz Architecto

Year of design: 2021

Status: conceptual idea

Typology: Service Station

Visuals with courtesy of Veliz Architecto


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