Transforming Multi-Materials With Humberto da Mata


I’m Humberto da Mata, an object designer, 34‐year‐old, born in Brasilia and living in São Paulo for the past 10 years. I have a studio dedicated to research on manual construction techniques, using several materials, and collaborating with local artisans and small industries.


Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism at UnB, in Brasília. I’ve worked some years in architecture bureaus and after attending a workshop with the Campana Brothers in Boisbouchet I moved to São Paulo and started to work also with furniture/object design.


My process is very technique and material-driven focused on understanding how materials can be transformed using manual possibilities. At the moment I have two types of objects being produced at my studio. The upholsteries (Cloud and Trama collections) are series production pieces ‐ I have been fabricating some of these designs for 10 years, for example. The paper pulp and ceramics pieces are produced as single objects; it is the research that allows me to explore new possibilities in a more dynamic approach.


Fabric, paper pulp, and ceramics are the main researches at the moment. In conjunction with these, I use some other materials to build the projects, like steel profiles, wood elements, etc. The materials have a central role in my work and I really like to be surrounded by them, experimenting with new processes and also researching established techniques.


My inspiration comes from very diverse fonts. Design History, Art History, Architecture History and Design processes are some of them. At the end they mixture with the day‐to‐day experimentations with materials at my studio. It is not a very linear process, but this mix is what interests me the most. This direct relation with the manufacturing process and dealing with different materials allows me to have this dynamic production.


A gallery where I would be more open to push the boundaries between functional objects/sculpture and usability/aesthetical meaning.


I have some partners in Brazil and abroad but you can also buy my production directly with me.


Developing more possibilities with the materials I research at the moment. Working with manual techniques is a continuous learning process. I’m launching three new collections this year, in which I give continuity to some processes and also experiment new aesthetic and function possibilities.


Photography with courtesy of Humberto da Mata

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