Living In Luxury Hotel Over The Waterfall With Viktor Zeleniak

Аll creative people dream at least once in their lives to visit the world-famous “house over the waterfall” (Kaufman’s residence).

Viktor Zeleniak’s concept of a hotel complex gives the chance to live over a waterfall, relax, and enjoy life. The hotel complex includes a sleeping area, a relaxation area near the cascading pools, a sports area, and a food consumption area.

All windows are panoramic, which allows you to enjoy incredible views in all areas of the complex. The shape of the building resembles a ship, and the structural supports are oars, as if the building is about to take off.


Project name: Luxury hotel over the waterfall

Architec: Viktor Zeleniak

Visualization: @viktorzeleniak_arch

Tools used: Rhinoceros, Photoshop

Design year: 2021

Materials: Concrete, glass, iron, steel

Status: Concept

Typology: complex for relaxation

Visuals with courtesy of Viktor Zeleniak


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