Hotel In the Tress – The Nests Cabin Conceptualized By Veliz Architecto

The Nests Cabins, the hotel in the trees conceptualized by Veliz Architecto.

Hotel complex located on the trees of a forest that are connected to each other by wooden suspension bridges and tensioners, all part of a central nucleus with a vestibule and a viewpoint restaurant that distributes the bedrooms with bathrooms, referring to a nest that welcomes us in the nature and elevates us to the heights of the trees, taking off our reality from the ground and recreating an amazing environment and a lot of relaxation, promoting wonderful views of an entire landscape that constantly welcomes us and takes us away from civilizations, it is a new tourist experience to be totally exposed to the environment and at the same time as a haven of peace and tranquility.


Name of the project: “The nests cabins” Hotel in the trees

Architecture studio: Veliz architect

Project location: Cuba

Constructed area: 780m2

Site area: 2340m2

Visualization: Veliz architect

Tools used: software used for drawing, modeling, rendering, post-production, and photography.  SketchUp, Lumion, Photoshop

Main architect: Veliz architect

Design team: Veliz architect

Collaborators: Veliz architect

Year of design: 2021

Status: conceptual idea

Typology: Hotel

Visuals with courtesy of Veliz Architecto


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