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Mind Design Presenting The Design Of Floating Green City

The project represents an architectural concept design idea for an experimental floating Green city.

It is a research of experimental ways and places to live if needed. The design does not expose its structural system/supports and gives the impression of being set afloat by strategic placement of key support nodes and the use of fluidity in the design. A rich variety of plant species are to be part of the development and would create a self-sufficient ecosystem.

The addition of careful planting with variety in scale, openness, and intimacy is intended to create a new kind of public space. Another goal of the project is to investigate the domain of architecture qualities within research facilities and experimental design thinking and the intersection between creativity and cutting-edge technology within the multidisciplinary design approach.


Project name: Floating Green City

Architecture firm: Mind Design

Project Location: Dubai

Visualization: Miroslav Naskov

Principal Architect: Miroslav Naskov

Design year: 2021

Status: Concept Design, Research, and Development

Typology: Garden, Park, City 

Visuals with courtesy of Mind Design



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