XK Studio Design For Uniskin – Retinoid Skin Renewal Treatment

Uniskin is a biotech-driven skincare brand that emphasizes the innovative integration of science and art.

XK studio helped to launch their Retinoid Skin Renewal Treatment with a short film demonstrating its benefits. Based on their findings of the facial skin aging problems, Uniskin developed the RETINOID SKIN RENEWAL TREATMENT to release the aging process. 2 retinoids and 2 peptides are properly added to solve the problem. Inspired by this ‘Levitation Treatment’ developed by Uniskin, XK used this concept to drive the film, making every object within the film feel weightless and floating.


Design & Production: XK studio

Client: Uniskin

Audio: Amedeo Inglese [Noi]

Images with courtesy of XK Studio



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