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Top 5 NFT Picks

Clement Morin – ‘Chasing The Horizons’

Journey series is a love-letter to the games I grew up with and that inspired me throughout my life. Score by Etienne Forget.”

Website, Twitter, Instagram

Vini Naso – ‘The Mind Traveller’

Vini Naso is a digital artist exploring how notions of beauty and visual identity are expanding in the digital age. Working in a purely digital medium allows him the freedom to explore ideas, shapes, materials, and textures that aren’t constrained by the limitations of the physical world.

“I can only say, there we have been: but I cannot say where. And I cannot say, how long, for that is to place it in
time.” — T.S. Eliot Music and sound design by Planes Beyond, a project by UN Studios.

Website, Twitter, Instagram

Jenni Pasanen – 0132AI

Jenni Pasanen is exploring new ways of creating art by combining generative adversarial networks with human vision.

Artificial intelligence unites with human creativity. 0000AI is a digital art series that explores new ways of creating art by combining generative adversarial networks with human vision.

Twitter, OBJKT, Makersplace

Antoni Tudisco – ‘ETHEE GENESIS’

@etheeverse, is a series of NFTs by Antoni Tudisco that merge art and fashion.⁠

The drop features 120 one-of-one Ethee characters, with half of them only accessible for collectors of Tudisco’s previous Ethee open edition NFT. The other half into a public drawing. The artist has also embedded additional collector rewards including a ranked auction for custom kicks that were designed in collaboration with sneaker designer edmoondlooi. The top 15 bidders ⁠receive the custom shoes with their associated NFT.

Twitter, Instagram, Nifty Gateway

Mad Dog Jones – ‘Xero Alley’

Everlasting dream reality… Mad Dog Jones b. 1985.

Xero Alley 2022, Audio by La+ch Sound Design by David Angell.

Twitter, Instagram, SuperRare

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