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Frame48 Fictionalizes Muse’s Track “Will Of The People” Into Stunning Story

Frame48 and director Tom Teller conjured a dystopian uprising of freerunning civilians for English rockers Muse and their track “Will of the People” off the upcoming album of the same name.

The fictional story is set in a fictional metaverse on a fictional planet ruled by a fictional authoritarian state run by a fictional algorithm manifested by a fictional data center running a fictional bank printing a fictional currency controlling a fictional population occupying a fictional city containing a fictional apartment where a fictional man woke up one day and thought “screw this”.

  • Studio: Frame48 (https://Frame48.com)
  • Director: Tom Teller
  • CG Supervisor & Lead Artist: Enrique De la Garza Muse
  • Creative Director: Jesse Lee Stout
  • Executive Producers: Julian Conner, Seth Josephson, Tom Teller
  • CG Artists: Steven Lee, Stephanie Buschhorn, Isaac Zuren
  • Assistant Editor: Michele Nagy
  • FX Artist: Alvaro Moreira
  • Animators: Paolo Cogliati, Matheus Caetano
  • Rigger: Jarom Brand
  • Character Artists: Mariano Ruiz Manzano, Isaac Olander
  • Asset Artist: Juan Fer Bravo
  • Compositors: Sai Prudhvi, Mahesh Kanneboina, Maryam Riahi, Sreedhar Krkumar
  • Storyboard Artist: David Green
  • Colorist: Bryan Smaller
  • Sound Designer: Gerry Vazquez
  • Performance Capture Athlete: Didi Alaoui
  • Freerunning Facility: Tempest Freerunning Academy

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