Mind Design’s DOM WORLD Brings Streamline Eco-Architecture To Nurture The Creativity And Positivity

Mind Design: DOM WORLD is a virtual community space, the foundation of which allows the creative community to interact and discover new realms and domains in an environment that boosts creativity and freedom. The project represents an ecosystem of products where users can buy vacant agile office space, loan exhibition space, unique virtual homes, and many more and access them as avatars.

A multidisciplinary team is creating a unique digital space, DOM WORLD, using advanced technology tools and building a high-end contemporary design and architecture.

This world is for the creators, true connoisseurs of art, design, and fashion. The project gives special consideration to the quality of the space as experienced by the users/players through creating an inspiring environment that boosts positive emotions and the well-being of its occupants.

The banyan tree is placed at the heart of everything, the tree of soul and life. A network of intricated bridges in the middle of the space serves as a real home for fashion, art, and communications. Conference halls, concert venues, galleries, a garden, and much more to be discovered in this world where virtuality has become more than reality. 

The surrounding landscape is designed to be a journey in a green oasis with elements of surprise. A system of walkways and electric vehicle roads is meandering through the lush forest with diverse flora; furthermore, some paths go underwater to experience the sea life and go deep to feel the marine environment.

As part of the Dom World is the Virtual Residential Towers Complex. It is a unique design of a forest dwelling in the virtual world that consists of 6 separate individual towers. The linear yet free-flowing nature of the space is inspired by natural forms such as flower petals. The petal-like walls do not overlap and instead create opportunity for varied and unique openings whilst also coming together as a single harmonious form. The linearity of the structure helps maintain a minimal footprint in a context such as this yet extends high enough to capture the most breathtaking views of the serene forest, landscape, and ocean. The interior design follows the fluidity of the exterior and compliments the premium experience of the users and the tranquillity of the space.


Project Name: DOM WORLD

Client: Richman Films 

Architecture and Design: Mind Design

Year: 2022

Design Leader: Miroslav Naskov

Project Team: Davide Tessari, Jan Wilk, Michelle Naskov

Visualization: Brick Visual, Mind Design

Project Location: Metaverse

All images with courtesy of Mind Design


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