5 New Releases You Can’t Miss This Week

Justin Jesso – Getting Closer

Getting Closer is a Justin Jesso pop ballad, about professional success and love sick. The artist completely surrenders his sensitivity, to reflect the mixed feelings of achieving growth in a professional career and to be in solitude, missing the beloved woman. The video shows some footages caught during the tour that Justin Jesso made in recent times. The clip combines these typical images of social media, with images produced by professional shooting. Kyle Kogan, the director of the video, managed to capture and reproduce the sensitivity of Getting Closer, the first audio visual delivery of the Let It Be Me EP.


The Tribe Of God – Heroes

Heroes, by David Bowie, modernized by The Tribe of God. What could go wrong? Nothing. Even less if Hal Ritson, producer nominated for the Grammy awards, was in charge of the controls. Perhaps, the main virtue of this version is to keep intact the main characteristics of the original version. They maintained the vintage essence of the song, through the use of recording equipment from the same years. They added freshness and personality, with their female voices and current electronic sounds. Heroes is a sample of what The Tribe Of God is preparing for their next album. It promises more of style that oscillates between electronics, house, funk and soul.


Maggie Rogers – Burning

Maggie Rogers, in her single Burning, sings to love. It is a simple song with electro pop style that emanates the joy of love when it is reciprocated. When a concert was offered at Alexandra Palace in June 2018, Maggie told the audience: “I’m super, super, super in love, I want everybody to know that’s what this is about.” Poetry tells a story where love shows its strength to recover details of one’s own personality. Qualities that are intimidated, or lost, by relationships that lack the ability to bring out the best of each individual.

 Hozier – Almost (Sweet music)

Almost (Sweet music) is a homage by Hozier to the jazz artists who have caused the most delight and inspiration. In each stanza of the verses, he names compositions by emblematic jazz artists. “Sweet Music” playing “In the Dark”, says the refrain. In that sentence evokes Jelly Roll Morton and Duke Ellington. “Nigh and Day” says at the end of the first verse, and that’s where he brings us EllaFitzgerald and Billie Holiday. A tribute at the height of the honorees.

James Blake – Mile High (featuring Travis Scott, Metro Boomin)

James Blake is a world-renowned record producer, after Overgrown (2013) and The Color in Anything (2016), his new work Assume Form was out on January 18. Mile High sees the participation of the Houston rapper, Travis Scott, and also of the producer Metro Boomin. Inside the Mile High track the trap is abandoned, to leave room for the melodies. It is a very unusual experiment to see two artists like Metro Boomin and Travis Scott, abandon their areas of interest to enter the world of Blake.

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