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Adidas Grift: The Sneakers Designed To Challenge Users In Training

Image: Aarish Netarwala

Adidas Grit makes running harder. The design of Aarish Netarwala, in addition to a footwear, is a sport training device that inverts the traditional canons to improve performance in high competition. The design of the Adidas Grit was carried out on studies made out at Sand Dune Park facilities in Manhattan Beach. In that location, elite athletes such as NBA players Kevin Durand and Russel Westbrook perform training on sand.

The general construction absorbs the impact and decreases the energy that returns to the athlete. This challenges people who want to raise the requirement in training to then improve performance in the competition. The sole mimics the behaviour of the sand to achieve a great increase in difficulty in different ways. At the tip, the toe sinks. The sides and ankle are covered by the extension of the sole. The lattice varies to deliver variations in performance.

Image: Aarish Netarwala

Image: Aarish Netarwala

Image: Aarish Netarwala

All images: Aarish Netarwala

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