Interview With Anders Røkkum

Why did you choose Art as a mean of expression?

For me it is easier to show moods and emotions in a visual medium than with words and because it is the most fun.

In your works you are removing facial features of your subjects giving them a sort of mystery and darkness. What message does it carry?

That remains a mystery.. If I give away too many leads I am afraid it can ruin the experience of the viewer.

To what point do your works mirror your personality?

It probably does a lot. I have always been attracted to the dark and mystic in any form of art.

For some artists creating means peace for others an inner struggle. Which feelings does art arouse in you?

It arouses every feeling there is. When I create something I try to reflect the mental state I have in that moment. I also tend to drift more into that mood as I am going along. I look at it as channeling feelings and it can be both peace and inner struggle. Drawing to me is like digging in the dark to see what emerges.

The cosmos is another important theme in your illustrations. What exactly fascinates you about it?

It fascinates me endlessly. It is all around us and inside us. It also looks good visually.

You have been involved in numerous projects with different music bands. At this point of your career what would be a dream collaboration?

I am not sure. I feel very lucky that anybody like my stuff and I have no dream project in mind really. The road appears as I am walking along.

If you would choose a song, which one matches your artistic vision?

I am not sure. I have been listening a lot to the Ex Machina soundtracks this year. So maybe the sound of it matches my images.

Who/what stimulates your imagination?

Going on long walks and trips fuels my itching for creating something new.

Send a message to your future self.

No, I choose to leave that poor guy alone..

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All images, courtesy of artist: Anders Røkkum

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