BLVTH Releases The EP “Blut”

BLVTH Releases The EP "Blut"

Blut“, the EP that BLVTH released, takes us through the inspired musical topography of the imagination, in a tour of eight artistic landscapes, where production enhances their expressive qualities. The musical tastes of BLVTH go through all the stages in the development of the album. He is the singer, he is the one who writes the songs, he is directly responsible for producing the eclectic sound that characterises him. In summary, from him comes the DNA that contributes the sanguineous characteristics that define his creations.

While one goes through it, the EP “Blut” shows us paths that lead us to new perspectives, in which we can recognise the musical styles that lie established in the foundations. The correct BLVTH criterion suits the foundations of stylistic schools such as that of the founding Hip Hop of the 1990s; the Trap that shines from Atlanta; the melancholic Grunge that shouted from Seattle; the dark and sordid Soul that can be found in Canada; the innovations of the Future Bass of England. In spite of this, that the styles are present there in a way that is not encrypted at all in the musical work. None of the artists of these genres stands out as if it were a direct influence on the aesthetic imprint of BLVTH. The result is a sound as dark, reflective and stinging, as fresh and innovative.

The instrumental start of “0-0”, with its reference to a tie in a sporting result, slides us in a gentle way in the entrance to the work. “Seven” is an urban area that vibrates with the earthquake that the low tones of the beat cause. “Rigid” turns the landscape towards more rhythmic lands. “Champagne” flows with the clarity and refined style of the drink that gives it its name. “Disney” proposes a scenario that plays with irony, between the meaning of the words of his lyric poetry with the idea that Disney represents in the imaginary. “Mars” is the second single of the EP “Blut” and one of the highest peaks, in the quality of the album. “Pusher”, the fourth track of “Blut”, has a remix at the end of the album, with the participation of the unmistakable soiceytrap, from the Bronx.

Not long ago, BLVTH began to show his music on the streaming music platform, current star, SoundCloud. Before that, he had experimented with material available on the Internet. Soon, the art of BLVTH attracted the attention of several people who write about music in different places on the net. Also, people from the musical environment, whether artists, producers or managers, from around the world started to contact him. Going that way, he managed to collaborate with many different artists.

A BLVTH, the attention of the specialised press and the interest of artists to collaborate with him, came to him in an unexpected way. Moreover, if you take into account that your work was done without professional equipment. he only counted on his MacBook. Far from being intimidated, BLVTH was motivated to continue in the personal search to reach his own creations, for him and by him.

All images courtesy of artist: BLVTH

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