Bori Gyorok Consolidates Aesthetics And Science In His “Polar” Collection

Bori Gyorok is a designer interested in mixing fashion and technology. He is endeavouring to be encompassed by a persuasive and global atmosphere that will get a more profound comprehension of how fashion and design will shape our world. The regularly evolving environment, craftsmanship, science have dependably had incredible role throughout Gyorok life. That is the reason he chosen to consolidate style and science in his collection.

His first collection entitled Polar was structured on the event of the Central European Fashion Days and highlighted a selection of pieces of clothing and packs. Drawing upon the motivation of Phillip Lenard’s analyses with RGB hues, the designer have put lighting structures on the plain white clothing and accessories. The pieces which are generally made out of unadulterated white poplin, glossy silk and organza are characterised by clean lines, straight outlines and undetectable fastens. Because of the movements the collection is alleged intelligent, as the lights are changing its environment and consequently fluctuates the wearers’ connection to the articles of clothing. Gyorok is wanting to stay with this logical methodology and proceed with his experimentations with lights in mold structure in the future.

All images: Bori Gyorok

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