Bose Releases Augmented Reality Audio Sunglasses

Image: Bose

Brand: Bose

Project Name: Bose Frames

Description: With Bose Frames, the excellent brand of audio products launches the collection that represents its debut in the commercial niche of sunglasses. They had already entered in the wearables market with the SoundWear speakers. The Frames, in addition to the sound quality that put Bose between the Forefront places of the industry, incorporates the ability to be the first audio device that serves as an augmented reality platform. This initial collection of Frames, is designed with a conservative aesthetic, but very modernised.

Bose Frames Alto are more square and pointed on an audience with masculine tastes. For its part, the Bose Frames Rondo seek to satisfy the female taste with a circular shape that recalls slightly in the eyes of a feline. Also the fit are different. According to the brand, the most important thing about Bose Frames is how the person who wears them feels. To affirm the trust that the company has in its product, they allows the buyer to use them for a month before making the decision to keep them definitely.

Image: Bose

Image: Bose

Image: Bose

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