DECODEtheCODE Offers Gigantesque String-Contrived Artistic Statements


Project DECODEtheCODE offers gigantesque string-contrived artistic statements that make tangible those universal geometric and fractal expressions that are usually produced by transient laser lights. Being made of long thick strings of various colors, masters of light manipulation shine varying wavelengths into them, illuminating kaleidoscopic tapestries that mesmerize the senses.


These grand fractals cover rooms and even buildings, and are given a heightened majesty though projection mapping, which produces a new depth of dimensionality and beauty through the multi-tiered interaction of the way these strings are entwined.


The specialness of this project it that it serves as a multifunctional art piece, when viewed on its own, it is an intellection, when colored by static lights in a darkened environment it becomes as if solid lasers, and when illumined with an animated projection video this opens the imagination to a rich and complex experience that is no where else felt.


The human iris, the web of a spider, or enfolding galaxies, all hold aspects of what this project exclaims. And as these DECODEtheCODE form sculptures unite the cosmic with the geometric, we’re given the space to imagine what else human creativity is capable of.



For more information, visit the DECODEtheCODE website´╗┐

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