FIELD’s Campaign “The Science of Taste” Blends Technology, Science And Engineering


Through the creative lens of the FIELD design studio, we are given a visual feast meant to place our gustatory cortexes on overdrive. “The Science of Taste” is a well curated visual banquet created for the spirits brand Aila Bay. This campaign presents atomized, colored, harmoniously dancing cascades of microscopic liquor molecules, as they would be imagined through an electron microscope’s eye.



The similarity between billeting clouds, dual liquid diffusions and flocks of murmurating starlings to the movement of these taste holding particles is an stimulating one. Science has recently discovered that our perception of taste requires multiple senses, so the acidity, oakiness, temperature and movement of consumed beverages, in this case fine spirits, become equally important aspects of why this project is necessary.



To visualize why a consumable product is enjoyable, and to explain how one can feel what they do upon interaction with it becomes the next frontier in higher gastronomic appreciation; and the Ailsa Bay “The Science of Taste” project does precisely this.




For more information, visit the FIELD website

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