Foodini: A 3D Food Printer That Elevates Your Food


Foodini is a Food printer that connects hardware and software design with the internet of things and comprises a handful and easy way to create excellent 3d prints on your food. All you have to do is fill the capsule and choose the characteristics you want to print.

Foodini is a food printer

Foodini can be applied to every cooking material and it can be directly served, baked frozen or dehydrated. All the prints can be saved then in the Foodini Creator app and reproduced as many times you like. Foodini come pre-loaded with shapes and creations but with Foodini Creator you can create shapes of your own taste.

Foodini is a food printer

What’s more, you can play and use Foodini through the internet while staying comfortable and deliberately express your creativity. Its elaborate hardware design makes Foodini a kitchen appliance that does not alter the taste, can use up to to 5 capsules for multi-dimensional creations and print them within various textures.

Foodini is a food printer

Is an example of an internet of things application which allows it to be used from every internet device or through its onboard touchscreen. An original way to make  he cooking experience a playful interaction with colors, shapes, and volumes.

Foodini-Food printer-Technology-Visual Atelier 8-2.jpg


For more information, visit the Foodini website

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