From Graffiti To Graphics, Dmitri Aske Charms Viewers With Colorful Mosaics And Sculptures

In the year 2000, Russian artist Dmitri Aske established his career in the arts starting with graffiti writing. Evident in his portfolio and archive, the graffiti lettering served him well in building upon his artistic skillset. Aske branched off into illustration, contemporary art, typography, graphic and mural design – making him a multifaceted and exceptional artist. Shapes are a large part of his characteristic style, manipulating them to introduce imagery that stands out and makes a statement. With works spanning from 2003 to 2019 on his website, there is a versatility that is undeniable and utterly admirable. The style of Aske is flamboyantly engaging to viewers far and wide. His work is quite geometrical, many of the subjects carved out in varying shapes of different colors. The mosaics are compelling and some provide commentary on his homeland, technology, sports, and humanity.

Aske utilizes plywood, spray paint murals, and sculpture to execute his artistic concepts. His success paved the way to working with major clients like Nike, Sony Playstation, Stussy, Red Bull, and many more. Aske has had his art shown in exhibitions in big cities like Moscow, Antwerp, London, San Francisco, and Seattle. Dmitri Aske’s established roots in graffiti art has allowed him to inspire many other street artists into implementing moving concepts behind stunning visuals.

All images, courtesy of the artist: Dmitri Aske

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