Hamanishi DESIGN Develops Artistic Burnt Metal Products

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In their ‘Burning metal project’, Hamanishi DESIGN has made the natural process artistic.

Executing pyrography to cause titanium to oxidize, the team employs computer-aided motors to control the height and rotation of conscientiously designed metal products, then burns them with a piezo gas torch to stimulate deep gradient colors to surface.

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Different flame temperatures provoke the titanium to shine in cobalt blues and cosmic purples. With a change in heat, as well as with the length of contact, designs that will never fade are imprinted into the furnishing’s surface.

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Handcraft is used in all products initial development, and different firing techniques are tried to get distinctive and stunning results. Kunikazu Hamanishi, founder of Hamanishi DESIGN, takes his construction experience from Tama Art University and having seven years of interior design in Denmark.

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Photography: Ryoukan Abe, Movie:Masanobu Morikawa

For more information, visit the Hamanishi DESIGN website

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