Jen Keane Creates A New Category Of Hybrid Materials

Image: Tom Mannion

This is grown. arises from the frustration that is generated by the excessive use of plastic materials, and the resultant pollution. To the same extent, This is grown. is born from the lack of balance and joint articulation between the scientific research of new natural materials, and the possibilities that these materials would offer to the design manifestations. This is grown. is the continuation of the work of Jen Keane’s master. Its focus is set on design and research, in a pendular activity between design, science, technology and crafts. It is inspired by the search for sustainability, using digital and biological tools. Keane explores with digital and biological tools, to reach a new generation of composite hybrids materials. She dreams with the possibility of changing the vision that we have, of the capacity of human culture for the creation.

Image: Vita Larvo

Image: Jen Keane

This is grown. is a process that involves manipulating the growing process of the bacterium k. rhaeticus, found in the Kombucha tea. Thus, it managed to form a “microbial tissue” that optimises the properties of bacterial cellulose, thereby achieving a new category of hybrid materials that allow the creation of products and production processes with almost no loss or waste.

Image: Adam Toth

Image: Adam Toth

Image: Tom Mannion

All images, courtesy of designer: Jen Keane

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