3D Character Animator

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    Posted 3 months ago

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    3D character animation for 3 separate “Entity” character platforms.

    • Entertainment includes:
    • Fear of jumping
    • Cinematic animations (duration 3 to 15 seconds)
    • Primary gesture animations (walk, run, idle, crawl, etc.)
    • Chase animations (approximately 45 seconds long)

    We are a small team working on a single project (Subliminal) looking to expand our Animation branch with 1-2 new talented animators!

    Project Overview: Subliminal in a puzzle/horror game that follows the player’s slow descent into illusion as they explore a series of inspired behind-the-scenes levels. During their journey, the player encounters “Entities” which present challenges with mechanics similar to “FNAF” and “Poppy Playtime”. Through these challenges and puzzles, the player desperately attempts to escape, only immersing them further into a distorted and nostalgic world.


    • Mayan Animation Experience
    • Some experience with Unreal Engine (preferred but not required)

    About the Company

    We are a small team of developers looking to add a few talented people to our team for our “Subliminal” project. Launch planned for 2024!

    If you are interested to 3D Character Animation,

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    3D generalist, Graphic Designer, Motion Designer



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