3D Environment Artist

    Contract, Relocate Assistance
    Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
    Posted 2 months ago


    • Production and lead of HDRP/PBR background art assets
    • Manufacture of natural environments and artifacts such as space and planets
    • Unity-based Terrain Creation


    • Good communication and excellent teamwork
    • An active, positive and responsible person
    • Those who are proficient in setting up environments and composing scenes using the Unity engine
    • Those who have a sense of informativeness and are proficient in hard surface work
    • Those who have a high understanding of the overall background production process and optimization
    • Those who have a high understanding of realistic light and materials and are good at expression

    Preferential Treatment

    • Experienced in commercial game development
    • Those who have experience using Blender
    • Those who have an understanding of the sci-fi genre
    • Those who are proficient in using Shader Graph
    • On-site work available / Korean available

    Project Features

    • A novel worldview based on the 22nd century’s “The Great Mars Era”
    • Mars terraforming using non-human robots is the key material
    • HDRP-based high-end quality combat robots and terraforming machines
    • Storytelling and worldview development using cinematic movies

    Special Things

    • We pursue next-generation RTS play that is easy and fun, and anyone can enjoy it.
    • Concept artists and mechanic artists from 13 countries around the world who are active in science fiction films and games are participating.
    • We are looking for ambitious colleagues who want to challenge science fiction and want to collaborate with A-class artists from all over the world beyond Korea.

    About Us

    The name 2bytes is a play on words that references the fact that a Korean letter consists of two bytes in Unicode text.

    Like the name of our company, we believe that every character, whether it be a letter of text or human, matters tremendously in building the vision of excellence in everything we do.

    Since founding in 2020, our team has grown exponentially starting with just 3 to well over 100 members today, and we are just getting started!

    Join 2 bytes and take your career to the next level in one of the fastest growing start-ups in gaming!

    Job Features

    Job Category

    3D Artist, 3D generalist, Creative Design, Creative Technologist



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