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    Posted 7 months ago

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    Cloud Chamber needed a creative and inspiring Animation Director to join us and bring the world of BioShock to life. You will oversee a team of animators and manage gameplay animation content for the entire project. You will confirm visual items are believable and consistent with the overall vision of the game in an effort to create an unique gaming experience. You will build and develop a team of highly skilled and incredibly creative animators and ensure they receive the proper guidance and feedback to meet the quality bar set by the studio.


    • Work closely with Art and Creative Directors to define and maintain the animation style vision for the entire project.
    • Collaborate with other Discipline Directors to set the standard and improve the visual quality of all in-game animation content.
    • Collaborate with the development and technical teams to deliver animations that meet technical and production needs, with the high quality standards established by the studio.
    • Engage and empower designers and artists to understand your vision for in-game animations, bringing these elements to life.
    • Set the standard for animations at every stage, from concept to ship.
    • Build, manage and mentor the studio animation team.
    • Provide daily feedback and direction to the entertainment team.


    • Previous experience in the game industry as an animation director.
    • Experience developing AAA games.
    • Excellent understanding of 3D workflows and the most common software platforms (Motion builder, Maya, Premiere, etc.).
    • Good understanding of game engines (U5) and technical limitations.
    • Superior knowledge of current games and trends and strong opinions on animation techniques and quality.
    • A thorough understanding of animation production.
    • Experience directing stuntmen to capture and create complex systemic combat scenarios.
    • Creative, imaginative and artistic sense.
    • Passionate about animation.
    • Strong creative and technical problem-solving skills.
    • Exceptional communication, interpersonal, organizational and leadership skills.
    • Work ethic focused on dynamism and collaboration.
    • Able to multitask, set priorities and solve problems.
    • Able to communicate and collaborate effectively across multiple sites.
    • Able to make timely and sound decisions.

    About The Company

    Cloud Chamber is a collaborative team of inspired minds building games together. We strive to create unique, entertaining and thoughtful gaming experiences that engage the world.

    We believe in the beauty and power of diversity, both in studio makeup and in the nature of our thinking. Our focus on open communication and general well-being enables each of us to strive for excellence in our work and happiness in our lives. We are currently preparing the next BioShock. Our passion and love for this iconic franchise is what brought us together. The thrill and responsibility of creating the next iteration of such a beloved game is what keeps us going.

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    3D Artist, Art Director, Creative Director, Creative Technologist, Design Director, Motion Designer



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