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    Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    Posted 7 months ago

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    As our game’s Associate Art Director, you will be responsible for supporting the Art Director in overseeing the creation and implementation of the game’s visual design. You will work closely with the Art Director and art teams remotely to ensure that the visual style of the game is consistent and meets the overall vision and goals of the project.

    Skills and Responsibilities

    What will you do:

    • Assistance the Art Director in overseeing the creation and execution of the game’s visual design
    • Collaborate with remote art teams to ensure the visual style of the game is cohesive and meets the overall vision and goals of the project
    • Ensure artistic assets are delivered on time and to required quality standards
    • Provide feedback and guidance to art teams on their work
    • Assist the Art Director in developing and maintaining the artistic production schedule
    • Stay up to date with the latest industry trends and technologies related to art and game development, and explore new and emerging technologies to enhance the art production process

    What you bring:

    • 7+ years of experience in the art and game development industry
    • Solid knowledge of game development tools and engines, experience with Unreal Engine 5 is a plus
    • Experience in art direction, with a focus on game development
    • Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with experience working with remote teams
    • Have contribute in the delivery of at least 2 major video game titles
    • Passion for video games and desire to create high quality art assets

    About the Company

    KRAFTON is a collective of studios, each with their own distinct creative identity. Our team always aspires to evolve, innovate and create new technology and entertainment experiences that fans can interact and engage with for years to come.

    It is the power of KRAFTON that continuously generates unparalleled creation based on technology.


    WHY – We believe that games will become the most powerful medium in the world.

    HOW – Based on our creativity, our unwavering dedication to new challenges and technological development,

    WHAT – KRAFTON will further extend our original IP addresses and create immersive virtual worlds, where our fans will play together and share fun times.

    We will meet everyone in the world we are building.



    We are pioneers in everything we do, which forces us to be curious and stay creative.


    We believe that bold attempts are needed to solve problems.


    Teamwork is the basis that allows us to achieve our goals.

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    Art Director, Creative Director, Design Director



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