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    San Diego, California, United States, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    Posted 4 months ago

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    We needed a Blendshape Artist to come aboard and work with our Riggers, Animation Supervisor and Character Supervisor to bring very realistic faces to life for cinematic and in-game sequences. You will work with our team multiple times award-winning while working with global AAA studios like Naughty Dog, Santa Monica Studio, San Diego Studio, Guerrilla Games, and more!

    If you’re someone who pays attention to detail, has an eye for minute differences in facial movement, and one of “those” artists comfortable doing facial expressions in the mirror… We want to talk to you!


    • Artist will be supervise for bringing highly realistic faces to life for cinematic and game footage
    • You will work with our superior and managers on the edge-flow topology and control the final positioning and refinement of key assets such as eyes, teeth, tongue and eyelashes
    • When the model’s face is finalized, the artist sculpts a full range of naturalistic CAFs and corrective blending shapes for expressive photorealistic humans.
    • Sculpt a series of high-resolution wrinkle maps to add a final level of polish and nuance to expressions
    • Work closely with external clients, internal artists and outsourcing partners to maintain consistent quality and style for all characters
    • Create and lead others in creating & paying separate attention to advanced facial modeling and articulation modeling
    • Lead and mentor internal character teams and deploy partners to achieve aesthetic and technical goals
    • Create documentation, communicate requirements, and provide feedback to in-house artists and outsourcing partners
    • Constantly and proactively seek to improve production processes, tools and pipelines for character creation, rigging, animation and rendering


    • At least 2 years of professional experience in character art in high-end 3D games and/or movies
    • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
    • Understanding of realistic human anatomy with particular emphasis on the head/face
    • Understanding of Maya and basic understanding/use of blending forms
    • Comfortable making facial expressions in the mirror and ideally able to isolate different facial expressions/actions
    • Must have extreme attention to detail and an eye for minute facial differences/movements
    • The ability to grasp technical concepts at least from a broad perspective and follow technical workflows while pushing artistic boundaries
    • Self-manage and track progress and troubleshoot technical issues with Maya
    • Brainstorm ideas that keep the overall goals of the project in mind

    Desired Skills

    • Experience with face rigging of any kind as well as sculpting in Zbrush, Mudbox, etc.
    • Experience with facial shape blending workflows on realistic humans
    • Expert understanding of human anatomy
    • Experience with the Blendshape Combination System plugin
    • Experience with Perforce

    About us

    Our mission is to deliver cutting-edge artistic creations that amaze and inspire our global partners. A team that works closely with each PlayStation Studio to deliver award-winning visual arts, music, sound and design.

    While we have world-class facilities to meet every need, the folks at Creative Arts make it the best in the business. We have some of the most talented artists in video games. Artists in all areas including animation, art, performance capture, virtual production, virtual humans, cinematics, music production, music licensing, sound design, dialogue, casting , game mixing, branding, design, editorial and much more. These artists and storytellers challenge and push what the next generation of gaming is and will be every day.

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