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    At Hinterland, we strive to create lasting and meaningful experiences. For our original new IP, codenamed “Bat Falcon”, we will be creating a diverse and unique cast of visually stunning, world-class characters. To that end, we are looking for a talented (3D) Character Artist, with a strong interest in stylization, to join our growing team.

    In this role, you will work directly with the Art Director and Lead Character Artist to create game-ready characters, while helping to bridge the gap between the visual direction and the necessary technical requirements. Your work will have a lasting impact on the player’s gaming experience and help support their meaningful connection to the world we’re trying to build.


    Specific responsibilities include:

    • Work closely with the Art Director and Lead Character Artist to develop and solidify the art style across a range of characters
    • Interpret 2D concept art into high-skilfull, game-ready 3D assets
    • Collaborate with the extended art team to help resolve issues and improve quality in the game world
    • Work with the technical art team to identify and manage  art processes.
    • Review your in-game work and test to understand your desired gameplay experience
    • Be a strong advocate for diversity in cast and character types, and be prepared to innovate to avoid creating characters that are too conventional

    The ideal candidate will be extremely passionate and driven to create great characters who push the boundaries of excellence. Beyond that, the specific skills and experience we are looking for for this role include:

    • Expert level skills in using Maya or Blender, Photoshop and Substance Painter/Designer
    • Unreal knowledge 4 or 5, ideally in a production environment
    • Excellent polygonal modeling skills, with a focus on clean and efficient models
    • Experience defining technical requirements for character assets, from art creation to in-engine implementation
    • Experience with player character customization systems
    • A strong artistic background, with a foundation in traditional artistic skills – we would like to see artists who excel in painterly and illustrative aesthetics
    • An excellent understanding of video game processes and performance budget constraints
    • Ability to communicate ideas quickly, effectively and work collaboratively within a team
    • A keen interest in character design, anatomy, and fashion
    • Experience in rigging and animation dependencies
    • Ability to work with briefs and deadlines, adapting their approach to the task at hand
    • Ability to take and share feedback. Game creation is a team effort at Hinterland, so everyone’s opinion counts!

    Company Details


    In an industry not known for taking care of its employees, Hinterland strives to be different. We believe that the diversity, perspectives, experience and individual backgrounds of our team members contribute to a rich mosaic that helps us create better experiences and helps those experiences reach a wider audience.

    Hinterland is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage applicants from all backgrounds to apply for our positions, regardless of ethnic origin, social class, sexual orientation or identity, or religious affiliation. We value seniority and experience for our management and leadership roles, but are always looking for ways to bring diverse perspectives and experiences across the entertainment and technology spectrum.

    We embrace a flexible work environment that emphasizes high autonomy rather than high personal responsibility. Our positions are remote-first, priority on looking the best fit for culture and talent. This remote flexibility is balanced with a physical studio in Vancouver, which is available as an option (COVID permit) for any team members who wish to use it. We strengthen our team bond through offsite retreats, where we target on making memories together. We believe this balance between remote and in-person opportunities creates the strongest bond for our culture.We encourage all team members to strike a balance between work and personal life and never ask anyone to compromise for each other. We offer generous benefits and a vacation package, and strongly encourage our team members to take advantage of the 5+ weeks of paid vacation we offer each year.

         Please Ensure that you include any relevant Portfolio Material with your Application.

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