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    Budapest, Hungary
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    Job Description

    As a concept artist at Digic, you will participate in all visual aspects of production, but especially in pre-production. In addition to working on key shots, layouts, repaints and production design, you will occasionally be called upon to provide support to all departments – Environment, VFX, Creatures & Characters, Lighting, etc. under the supervision of a Project Art Director, who provides constant feedback, miscellaneous assignments and advice.


    • Create consistent, high-quality realistic illustrations of characters, special effects, environments, props, and more. Iterate and deliver elegant and effective visual solutions for design challenges big and small.
    • Participate in the development of the style, look and visual storytelling of our films, attend creative meetings, writing sessions, do quick sketches and iterate in situ.


    • Has a good eye for cinema. First and foremost, we are a film company. Planning scenes, understanding composition, lighting, framing, lens usage, camera angles, storytelling is a very important part of our job.
    • Has very high professional and artistic standards. We work with the best, for the best.
    • Up-to-date knowledge of design trends and styles, movies, TV series, games is pretty much our daily bread. We never stop learning and neither do you.
    • Open-minded, with a flexible style. Our clients come from all over the world and bring us projects of all kinds, so we have some weird and exciting challenges. We must be able to respect and understand the games and IPs entrusted to us, but also have the ability to explore new possibilities in a game environment/universe if need be.
    • Passionate observer and researcher. We pride ourselves on our realistic style and take great care when delving into a new fantasy world or historical period to be as faithful to the source material as possible.
    • Able to work independently and in a team. We are an international company with colleagues from all over the world, from all walks of life, so we try to control our egos at the door and collaborate in a fun and constructive way, but we are also expected to be able to make decisions on our own. , and to present and defend these ideas and decisions with tact.
    • Excellent time management skills. Prioritizing, giving accurate estimates and meeting deadlines is a must.

    Skills and Requirements:

    • Artistic skills – particularly anatomy and proportion, basic knowledge of architectural and technical design and set lighting
    • Creative mind – conceptualization, iteration, adaptation
    • Effective use of the program
    • Good written and verbal communication skills (in English)
    • Good understanding of storytelling and visual storytelling
    • Inclination for constructive collaboration
    • Ability to understand and communicate visual direction through words and pictures
    • Nice to have, but not a requirement
    • Basic knowledge of cinema and/or animation
    • Zbrush Skills
    • 3D experience (Maya, 3ds Max, Unreal)
    • Flat painting skills
    • Scenario-board

    About the Company

    We are an award-winning 3D animation studio. We’ve been bringing heroes and other creatures to life with the help of CG magic for over fifteen years. In our films, we emphasize powerful storytelling, while introducing different universes and worlds and showing them in a unique way.

    Our goal is to take full advantage of next-gen technology to deliver an entirely new and groundbreaking experience to CG audiences around the world. We create full 3D animations and visual effects for video games, commercials as well as feature films, working for prestigious clients located across the globe.

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    3D Artist, Creative Design, Creative Technologist, Designer, Graphic Designer



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