Game UI Designer

    Parmanent, Remote Job
    Shanghai, Shanghai, China, Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
    Posted 3 months ago

    Job Description

    Fluency in written and spoken Japanese or Chinese is required for this position, so the rest of the list consists of these languages.


    • Participated in the development of a two-dimensional half-rotation RPG mobile game
    • Set the visual creativity and style of the game interface
    • Complete continuous interface design at all levels according to established interface-style prototyping standards
    • Complete the design and drawing of relevant logos, icons and interface elements.
    • Finalize the dynamic and animated design of the interface
    • Track the effectiveness of the design and finally realize the product to ensure that the quality of the design matches the quality of the realization.
    • Effectively manage interface resources and rationally optimize tools and methods such as interface editors.

    Skills and Requirements

    • 3-5 years of experience, graduated from art school or other related institutions, no major restrictions
    • Possess a solid artistic foundation, sense of color, and ability to design and form
    • Powerful hand-painting capabilities allow you to finely paint interface design elements and icons individually.
    • Proficient in using Photoshop, Illustrator, and other related graphics software, and good at using Flash.
    • More than 1 year relevant work experience and at least his one complete terminal game project interface development experience. It is recommended to lead the interface design of large-scale RPG game products.
    • Loves the game business and keeps an eye on changes in the industry
    • Positive work attitude. Excellent work coordination ability, teamwork spirit, excellent communication skills
    • Excellent strain and compressibility.

    About the Company

    Ohagi Games used to be a two-dimensional content-oriented independent game development team. The central member is the self-produced Cthulhu AVG game “Izumi Kaiki Jikenbo”. Team members come from leading Chinese companies such as Bilibili, Alibaba Interactive Entertainment and miHoYo. The team has extensively validated his cultural 2D product approach from previous project experience and is adept at implementing cultural communication and content.

    Team Values

    • Dive deep into subculture paths in two dimensions to reach key audiences and create product communities.
    • We carefully select appropriate categories based on the product lifecycle to create high-quality products that meet the needs of the times.
    • Employ cross-media and cross-platform narrative techniques to maximize the expressiveness of your content to your product.
    • Assuming that the producers have a good understanding of the tone of the product, we will promote active and open team building to improve quality.

    Job Features

    Job Category

    Creative Design, Creative Technologist, Designer, Illustrator



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