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    MADRID, SPAIN, Ontario, Canada, Remote Job, United States
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    • Work closely with the Director of Product to create and manage an arts organization that feels supported, committed, and well-led to succeed on an individual, team, and corporate level.
    • Provide guidance, support and mentoring to art directors as studio heads and their involvement in the artistic organization of the studio. Help prioritize objectives and promote responsibility for their projects and the organization.
    • Single, trusted point of contact who can provide a bridge between creative goals and business target to work with upline and downline associate .
    • Sets and maintains quality standards for our state-of-the-art games and equipment, ensuring that projects meet the highest standards of aesthetics, technicality, and performance at the product and equipment level.


    • It will create a framework that allows our art directors to create unique visual and intellectual property styles that have broad appeal while being distinct and memorable. We aspire for our original IP to have the potential to transform into multiple games, genres, and media.
    • You will have built a highly effective and committed team of talented art directors and artists who push and push each other to reach their full potential. A resulting quality that would not have been possible to achieve on her own: sparking curiosity, discussion, and empowerment to give and receive feedback from peers, leaving room for agency in distinctive styles and varied projects.
    • Become a familiar resource with the latest trends, validation methodologies, technologies, and techniques that could maximize business capabilities and competitiveness; act as a driving force not only to identify but also to solve problems through direct actions and partnerships.
    • Our games will have efficient and scalable art pipelines that provide a solid foundation for future games that are understood by all stakeholders, well researched, and constantly improved to maximize product success and team satisfaction.
    • Together with the Program Manager, we have developed processes and programs that create excellent hiring, onboarding, development and growth opportunities for the artistic team, with clear feedback on skills and quality criteria for all levels of artist.
    • Clear documented expectations and best practices for supplier selection and management; outsourcing will be standardized along with centralized contact points managing supplier relationships.


    • The creative vision needed to dream up and deliver an original IP that has wide appeal and can span multiple games and genres.
    • A holistic view of the impact of intellectual property, branding, and visual aesthetics in all areas of game development, from user acquisition to production and live operations.
    • Ability to communicate your creative vision, processes, decisions, and rationale to team members and cross-functional stakeholders in a way that inspires and motivates.
    • The bravery to think big, tempered by possibility and wisdom gained through experience.
    • Broad and direct experience delivering mobile games with robust LiveOps.
    • Capable of leading a team through a wide range of 2D and 3D visual styles.
    • Illustrate  artistic talent and a solid understanding of traditional art and design principles.
    • A solid understanding of the practical implications that different visual styles have not only in art, but also in products, design, marketing and engineering.
    • Enthusiasm for leading, guiding and encouraging the people around you to give their best. 
    • A natural interest and a desire to learn – we believe this is essential to our ability to stay ahead of the market and we value this through years of experience. We hope our leaders continue to study their craft and the gaming spaces in which they work.


     We aspire to create great games that bring people together while rectify how game companies work. We believe in building a sense of belonging through our games, their communities, and the way we operate and treat each other. Through our gaming communities, we will create powerful bonds and lasting memories. We will foster a culture of diversity, equity, and belonging where, together, our diverse skills, experiences, and backgrounds will have an impact on the games we create.

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