Lead Concept Artist

    Parmanent, Relocate Assistance, Remote Job
    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    Posted 7 months ago

    Job Details

    • Able to settle 2D assets for a small team of painters/illustrators, including concept work.
    • Participate in style definition, original painting conceptualization, quality review, style unification, game resource integration, etc. ;
    • Cooperate with the project team to do a good job in 2D art work, track the use of project resources and the performance of personnel in the project;
    • Responsible for communicating with various departments, formulating art work plans and ensuring project progress;
    • Responsible for improving technical capabilities, daily working arrangements and quality control.

    Skills and Requirements

    • More than 5 years of artistic experience in the game industry, as the main creator, or at least participated in the development of a complete European and American themed 3D project, and more than one year of work experience as lead concept artist;
    • Strong painting base, international vision and excellent design ability, artistic creativity and aesthetic ability;
    • Be able to grasp the R&D design style and have a high standard for production;
    • Understand the game industry, be able to understand the status/role of artwork in game development, understand planning, programming work methods in a platform art department, be able to coordinate project development with various other positions;
    • Fluency in English as the working language.

    About the Company

    IGG Canada is a premium mobile game and video production studio located at 5 East 8th Ave. Vancouver, Canada. With spectacular views of the downtown skyline, coastal mountains and English Bay, our new studio is spacious, high-tech and inspiring. IGG Canada is a division of IGG (I Got Games), a global interactive digital entertainment company specializing in the development and operation of mobile games. Founded in 2006, IGG was founded with the goal of becoming one of the leading publishers and developers of multiplayer games. The company quickly expanded its global operations, through strategic partnerships with popular gaming platforms such as Facebook, iOS, Amazon, Google Play, Kongregate and many more. IGG currently operates studios in China, the Philippines, Singapore, the United States and Canada (opened in 2013). If you’re passionate about creating mobile games that reach millions of gamers around the world and want to become a full member of our superhero team, we want to hear from you!

    About the Recruiter:

    ACGNrecruit is a professional talent recruitment service provider in the game industry in China. We recruit designers from home and abroad, including UI designers, VFX artists, 2D and 3D geocoders, concept artists, 2D and 3D action designers, graphic designers and visual designers for large companies. games in China. Our employers are based in Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu. We are a young and energetic consulting firm, we want to find people, change the world. Because we believe that to change the world, people are the most important power.

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    3D Artist, Creative Design, Creative Technologist, Graphic Designer



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