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    Full Time, Parmanent
    Beveren, Flanders, Belgium
    Posted 7 months ago

    Your Role

    We need a marketing manager in our team, like ASAP. If we have to explain to you what this job really requires, well, you’re probably not the right person. Yet we are very specific about some things. And absolutely not on many others. Maybe that’s what it feels like growing up. Illuminating. But back to our subject. We need a marketing manager ASAP. We need this person to lead and develop our marketing strategy in Belgium and beyond. Because we are far too big to stay in one country. World, here we come!


    • 5 years of relevant experience in brand management.
    • Strong interest in all things 3D, interactive and immersive.
    • You sniff out opportunities from afar.
    • Have a way of making it a priority and sticking to it.
    • English is either your first language or you are fluent, so don’t make a fool of yourself. Like ordering plain water instead of plain water. #fail
    • Data analysis and report on campaign results. We are geeks, we love numbers.
    • You are familiar with basic project management tools and processes.
    • Adobe Creative Suite doesn’t scare you. Neither does the execution. Although we love strategy and planning, someone actually has to do it. And that someone is you!
    • Neither does social media management and digital marketing.
    • Growth techniques and performance marketing even excite you.
    • And if there’s speaking and directing, you’re on cloud nine.


    • You nurture, manage and nurture relationships with media and industry partners.
    • Developing and executing yondr’s brand and marketing strategy is at the heart of your job.
    • Create and manage multi-channel, organic and paid campaigns, online and offline. As far as we know, you can rent a sandwich board yourself and hit the streets shouting “Extra, extra, read it all, over there, that’s the coolest agency in town!”.
    • Everyone you know knows us. And you actively work to reach everyone else on a daily basis.
    • You will organize metaverse events, online or offline.
    • You will analyze, report and improve, analyze, report and improve, analyze, report and improve. And repeat.
    • Either you are creating the industry trends and buzz, or you are above them.
    • Business development and you are like two peas in a pod. Shit, you’re almost hummus.

    We offer

    • We are committed to doing everything in our power to ensure that our team can work to the best of their abilities. 
    • We give you all the chances you need: the training, the installation, the colleagues, the money and the benefits. Also, the objective of becoming one of the best in Europe in the production of immersive multimedia content.
    • To help you connect and manifest to the fullest, we host weekly team meetings, monthly discovery lunches, and annual team outings.
    • We think you should save the energy of travel to think and talk – a mantra Mother Earth would surely appreciate. Work and meet from home, wherever you are, but always share your experience with the team.

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    All applications must include a Portfolio, CV/Resume, and any relevant documentation

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