Senior Art Director

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    London, UK
    Posted 4 weeks ago

    About the Position

    Work with product and marketing teams to develop a visual style and global environment that maximizes the commercial success of our original IP games.

    Setting and maintaining the bar for our aesthetic: visual goals, style guides, reviews, etc.

    What You Will Achieve

    • A visual style that appeals to a wide audience while being distinct and memorable. We aspire that our original intellectual property has the potential to span multiple games, genres and media.
    • A set of processes that effectively maintain the bar of quality and welcome new team members or suppliers.
    • An efficient and scalable art pipeline that can serve as a foundation for future games.
    • A team of talented, highly efficient and committed artists who push each other towards their full potential.


    • Ability to communicate your creative vision, processes, decisions and rationales to team members and cross-functional stakeholders in a way that inspires and motivates.
    • Ability to lead a team in a wide range of 2D and 3D visual styles.
    • Demonstrated artistic talent and strong understanding of traditional art and design principles.
    • A solid understanding of the practical implications that different visual styles have not only on art, but also on products, design, marketing, and engineering.
    • eagerness to lead, coach and encourage people around you to do their best.
    • A natural curiosity and thirst for learning – we believe this is essential to our ability to stay ahead of the market and build on this foundation over years of experience.
    • We expect our leaders to continue to study their craft and the gaming spaces in which they work.

    Why Join with Us

    There are many purpose to join us:

    • We firmly believe we are changing the way game studios work and creating great games that build a connected community.
    • Our goal is not just to create games that you belong to. We also want to build communities where our citizens belong. That’s why Fortis is a booming environment that celebrates diversity, fosters inclusion and fosters growth.
    • Build and grow with a seasoned team of accomplished talents who have left a lasting mark in their disciplines, both in and out of the game.

    About Us

    Our goal is to create great games that bring people together while redefining the way game companies work. We believe in building a sense of belonging through our games, communities, and how we operate and treat each other. Through our gaming communities, we will create powerful connections and lasting memories. We will foster a culture of diversity, equity, and belonging where, together, our diverse skills, experiences, and backgrounds will impact the games we create.

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    Art Director, Creative Director, Design Director



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